Vator Lobby

brown amenities

Vator Lobby refers to most of the first floor of the Brown Tower. In Vator you can find the RA apartment, the Merch shop, pool tables, access to the Kitchen, and a board game closet. Vator is also where Cabinet happens every other Tuesday evening, so be sure to come down! Vator is such a ¬†great place to meet up with friends before heading out that even people from other colleges come through! “Meet me in Vator” is a phrase that every Brownie knows well.


It’s easy to see people in Vator as you wait for the elevators, wait for your friends to come down, or just lounge on the couches. Sometimes people will plug in a movie to the projector and all are welcome to join and watch! Across from the Kitchen is a small door which leads to a room full of board games if you and some friends want something to do. On the far side of the Lobby is a small alcove with bar stools and tables. This used to be the connection to the old Commons, but is now a nice place to eat, study, or just hang out.