The Commons

commonsThe Commons is the beating heart of a Brownie’s daily life. From meals to studying to Associates’ Night to painting up for Mock Bike to dancing at Bacchanalia, the Commons hosts it all. Originally, the Brown Commons used to be what is now the Health Center. However, in 2002, a new Commons was built along with the Quads, and the unique architecture of the commons makes it very iconic. The small foyer at the entrance is known as the Outer Commons If you need to take a nap, feel free to use the couches in the Outer Commons or jam out on the grand piano. Just make sure you aren’t disturbing anyone!










While the Commons are pretty busy during meal times, they become a nice place to study at any other time. There are always people around, so you don’t feel trapped. However, you can also put some headphones in and focus as well. The Commons is the perfect place to just hang out and meet other Brownies throughout the day (and night)!