Our Mission Statement:

The goal of Brown O-Week 2017 is for new students to join and shape a cohesive Brown community where everyone uses their diverse styles and colors to paint a unified picture. We aim to connect Brown community members to the greater Rice campus by encouraging cross-campus ties and building an appreciation for the extensive Rice network. After O-Week 2017, new students should not only be familiar with their academic and social resources but also feel comfortable actively engaging with them.


Every August at Rice, the incoming class of students is encompassed by the effervescent thrill that is our “unconventional” take on orientation programs: O-Week. This week-long spectacle not only will introduce our new students to the fundamentals of academics, Rice culture, and the culture of our home, Brown College, but also will serve as a ceremonious transition into life on our campus as proud Owls and Brownies. Though new students will have much to learn within a short period of time, our amazing resources and campus leaders will ensure that our new friends and colleagues feel prepared for collegiate life and find their niche in the multifaceted culture around them. From a faculty that provides insightful guidance to our handpicked advising team meant to accustom our new students by engaging them on such a personal level, our future Owls and Brownies will have the tools they need by the end of the week to have an amazing start to a new chapter in their lives. No matter their respective backgrounds, we are so excited to welcome our new students to Rice University, Brown College, and Brown’s O-Week- PicassO-Week! 😀


Each residential college has a different O-Week theme, and Brown’s theme for this year, 2017, is PicassO-Week. PicassO-Week uses theme of art to equate the diversity of color, style, texture, and more found in art to the diversity and unity found at Rice. The colleges, activities, academics, resources, and more provide an inclusive network that comes together to paint a picture of life at Brown and Rice. Students add color and texture to their lives in their own college, and also as a result of across campus groups, organizations, and relationships. This theme helps students to understand all of their resources as important to the overall picture of Rice — art uses so many tools and techniques that make it what it is. Furthermore, students are encouraged to make their mark on the canvas of Brown and Rice as a whole — without them, the picture of Rice would not be the same. We are giving new students the framework to start their lives at Rice by providing them the palette and brushes; it’s up to them how they want to use it.