New Students

Every August at Rice, the incoming class of students is encompassed by the effervescent thrill that is our “unconventional” take on orientation programs: O-Week. This week-long spectacle not only will introduce our new students to the fundamentals of academics, Rice culture, and the culture of our home, Brown College, but also will serve as a ceremonious transition into life on our campus as proud Owls and Brownies. Though new students will have much to learn within a short period of time, our amazing resources and campus leaders will ensure that our new friends and colleagues feel prepared for collegiate life and find their niche in the multifaceted culture around them. From a faculty that provides insightful guidance to our handpicked advising team meant to accustom our new students by engaging them on such a personal level, our future Owls and Brownies will have the tools they need by the end of the week to have an amazing start to a new chapter in their lives. No matter their respective backgrounds, we are so excited to welcome our new students to Rice University, Brown College, and Brown’s O-Week- Like, Share, FollO-Week! 😀


Each residential college has a different O-Week theme, and Brown’s theme for this year, 2016, is Like, Share, FollO-Week. This week is themed around social media, and was chosen because of how the connectivity of the internet age parallels interactions at Rice, where people from a myriad of different backgrounds and perspectives come together to share ideas, stories, and experiences. Considering Rice’s values of diversity, multiculturalism, and inclusion, us Brownies wish to ensure that the analogy of social media- through its bonds between cultures, service as a hub of innovation, and source of unity- serves as an effective transition for our new students to life at our university.


Our Mission Statement: Just as social media unites people from various perspectives in conversation and expression, we want to provide incoming students with the proper skills and resources to construct bridges of connectivity, fostering an environment of innovation, honesty, open-mindedness, inclusivity, and diversity within the communities of Brown, Rice, and beyond.