Brown has many other nice facilities throughout the college. Below is a list of some helpful ones:

  • Laundry Room: found in the basement and is a place you should be familiar with! Don’t be that person that takes their laundry home every few months. Please take your laundry out of the machines in a timely manner or the Laundry Ninja will hunt you down.
  • Computer Lab: found in the basement at the far end away from the gym. You can find plenty of desktop computers and printers here if you don’t have one or if yours breaks.
  • Gym: found in the basement at the end of the hallway, turn left after getting off the elevators. While this is not as big as the Rec, this gym is new and has everything you need for a quality workout including treadmill, bike, and weights. The Gym Leader takes care of the place, so don’t mess with the facilities!
  • Craft Room: found on the first floor of the Quads, enter through the Mail Room or through the PDR. The Craft Room has everything you need to whip up a birthday card or the next Mona Lisa. Take a break from studying and explore your creative side here!
  • Kitchen: found on the first floor of the Tower. When the serveries close on Saturday nights, the Kitchen becomes a popular place. Only a few years old, this room is extremely nice with two stoves, two ovens, and two fridges. Please be sure to keep it clean and please do not steal any of the cookware. The Kitchen Tsars will find you.